What Abraham Knew (Part One)


When we study events that transpired in the Old Testament, it is important to look to the New Testament in order to gain deeper insight. Abraham (the father of many nations) had faith in God and was considered righteous. He became a friend of God and was able to speak boldly to the Lord. Genesis 22 makes the connection of Abraham to Jesus through the events of God’s command for Abraham to sacrifice Isaac (his only son from his wife Sarah). Isaac carried the wood needed for the  sacrificial fire to Mount Moriah (future site of the Holy Temple Solomon built). This offering was not only an opportunity to test Abraham but to show him, what the ALMIGHTY was willing to do in order to attain salvation for all people. (cf: John 3:16). What we learn from Jesus’ conversation to the Pharisees in John chapter 8 shows the connection that Abraham had to the Savior.

” Your forefather Abraham was extremely happy at the hope and prospect of seeing My day and he did see it was delighted.” (John 8:56 Amplified Bible)

Abraham had hoped to see the salvation of God for some time. The events on Mount Moriah were the culmination of that blessed hope. The seeds were planted previously during a Divine appointment among two Righteous Kings. Abraham returned from a campaign to rescue his nephew Lot. Melchizedek, the king of Salem and high priest of YHWH , met him and brought bread and wine. God’s High Priest blessed Abraham and then blessed the Creator Himself. When Melchizedek acknowledged that God delivered the enemies into the hands of Abraham, the father of all nations responded by giving  him a tenth of everything.(cf: Genesis 14:17-20).

A covenant was formed that day and the bread and wine were the offerings. They represented God’s plan of Salvation and the perfect sacrifice offered by Melchizedek. Jesus fulfills this covenant with his proclamation at the Passover Meal. He states that the bread is His body broken and the wine is the blood of the new covenant poured out for the forgiveness of sin. (Matthew 26:26-30). Jesus thus followed in the perfect order of Melchizedek and the “God Appointed” meeting that the Lord set up for Abraham brought the hope and longing he had for the Savior.-EJ