What God Expects of from US.

Jesus gave up a life of Trinitarian fellowship with the Father and the Holy Spirit, in order to offer up His life as a sacrifice. None of us are good enough to earn eternal life. This payment was put upon the God who took on flesh and became man. His perfect life allowed the Father to offer His son up as an unblemished sacrifice. That one act of selfless love has given every person in world history the chance to enter God’s Eternal Kingdom.

Our job is to believe in Jesus’ perfect work on the cross and to repent of our sins. Jesus needs to be the Lord of every aspect of our lives. We also need to believe that He was resurrected from the dead because without that victory over death, we have no hope. This faith is not merely expressed in a prayer or one feel good moment of an altar call. It is manifest in our daily lives through our thoughts, words and actions. Attending church is not enough. The saints are a called out people who need to charge against Satan’s Kingdom.

The Holy Spirit must reign in our lives and the proof is in the fruits that our lives produce. If someone professes the Christian faith but is not advancing the kingdom, then it is correct to question if that person has saving faith or demon faith. God expects us to give freely of our time and resources to help others. We cannot keep silent when others around us are perishing. Even if God calls us to leave all our possessions behind, we must follow Jesus. Are you willing to bring the message of Salvation to others at the risk of losing everything? Jesus did. EJ


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